I N T E N T I O N - January 2023

I N T E N T I O N - January 2023

Over the last few days and weeks of 2022, many of us have looked back and have evaluated what went well and looked at those things that maybe didn’t go as planned.

As we enter into 2023, we have our goals, our vision boards are set, we’ve written in our journals, and we’re excited for the start of a new chapter.  Our goals are “external”. They are something that you can write on a list and cross off. And you should!

In this month of January, we are going to focus more on the “internal” aspect of creating INTENTIONS that align with our goals.

One of the ways INTENTION is defined is as
An aim that guides action; an objective:


When you consider a goal, you’re really describing what you want to do. There’s no other possible outcome. Your goal is your goal. Sort of like an obligation that you made for yourself.

An intention is more about the habits and the mindset that you have surrounding your goals. It is more internal. Intentions are a little softer than goals. They give you a little room to explore moment to moment. To be fluid and flexible.

You can set a goal to purchase our full line of Scented Intention Candles by Terrell Owens.

You can also cultivate an intention to focus on your own mental health by creating intentional moments of stillness within each day.  This might include lighting your candles to create those moments.

Our goals and intentions work synergistically. Sometimes you need your focus to be narrow to be able take action (GOALS); sometimes you need flexibility to be able to progress (INTENTIONS).