Soultry Ritual™ | Gratitude

Soultry Ritual™ | Gratitude

a ritual can be described as an intentional sequence of activities performed in a space that is sacred to you individually and/or in space that you share with a group of people. a ritual is typically something you say or do for a desired outcome. rituals are performed for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways.

from sacred fire (homa, puja) ceremonies in india, one of the most memorable group rituals that i’ve ever seen performed, to a daily prayer practice. from time alone in silence each day, to a daily meditation practice. from blessing your food prior to eating, to journaling, to reciting a mantra or affirmations to a daily gratitude practice. the list of rituals is really endless. 

the idea of soultry ritual™ is that you create an anchor, that you can come back to over and over again, anytime you need to, to connect with the truth of who you really are. your deeper self. your soul. 

each month, we will share a ritual with you, today we are going to begin with the soultry ritual™ of gratitude. our hope and intention is that you create some time each day, for yourself. create a sacred space, some place where you can escape for a few moments each day without interruption.  light a candle for a soultry glow™, or spray some fragrance mist for a soultry scent™, take a deep breath and settle in to the practice of gratitude. we encourage you to put away your devices, pull out a pen and paper and begin to write those things that you are grateful for in that moment. you might think that it’s challenging but it’s actually not. the mere fact that you are able to find the opportunity to sit in gratitude is something to be grateful for. we promise, once you begin, you will find so many opportunities to be grateful in your daily life and you will find yourself pausing often, just to say thank you.

you see, gratitude is transformative. if you want to fulfill your desires and your destiny, begin by being grateful for all that you currently have. when you say THANK YOU for what you have, you acknowledge all that has been given to you and you will begin to see that more shows up. when we are able to put the busyness of our lives on hold for just a moment, and marvel in the miracle of the life that we are living, we begin to change our experience. deepak chopra says that gratitude is a doorway. as we invite gratitude into our lives we become alchemists, turning dark into light, scarcity into abundance and fear into love. when we are open and accepting of life as it is, perfectly imperfect, the ego steps out of the way enabling us to connect more deeply with our true selves, and the source of all those things that have manifested in our lives. we are each blessed with the opportunity to experience this life. each one of us is uniquely exquisite with magnificent capabilities. 

so take 5 minutes each day to pause and truly be grateful for this life that you live. again, we promise, if you stop long enough, you will find that you have more than enough to be grateful for.


in love and gratitude