Carolin first candle samples


I created Soultry Aura in February of 2020 with the intention to bring luxury home fragrance products to all of your homes. I spent the next few months doing research on waxes, wicks, vessels, packaging, production and more. At the beginning of August, I got my first candle sample and I was so excited that I sent a picture of me holding the candle to Terrell. Terrell and I had been friends for many years and I knew that he had the same passion as I did for candles and all things home decor.  He immediately responded with a deck of a home decor project that he started several years earlier that happened to include candles.   It was in that moment we knew we wanted to work together but it was also important for us to make sure we were aligned in what it was that we wanted to build.

The foundation of any relationship is most important because it’s the strength of the foundation that supports you through the twists and turns of the relationship, especially a start up business!

We took the next few months and talked about  our goals and outcomes, our vision and intention and everything in between. Then, in December of 2020, we decided to partner up and embark on this journey together.   During those months of discussion, I continued in with my original vision, preparing inventory, packaging, labels, the website, marketing etc and ultimately soft launching the company.

More to come…