Scented Intention Candles | Pairings by Terrell Owens

Pairings by Terrell Owens
This candle was inspired by E I G H T Y  O N E, a fame worthy Cabernet Sauvignon, hand harvested from premium vineyards in Paso Robles, California.
Just like the wine, the first candle in this series is rich, it’s complex, and goes down smooth.  Everything we have done in our collections by Terrell Owens is intentional. From the color of the vessel, to the information on the labels, to the fragrance blends within each candle. 
Le Doré sits in a gold vessel which we actually chose BEFORE the name of the candle was determined.  Because we couldn’t quite put our fingers on a name for this candle, Terrell reached out to a friend. They looked up the meaning of his middle name, “Eldorado”. Eldorado means “gilded man” or “Golden One”. Translated into French, Eldorado loosely translates to Le Doré and thus, Le Doré was born.  
It’s the perfect candle, in the perfect vessel to be paired with the perfect glass of Cabernet Sauvignon! 

LE DORÉ by Terrell Owens

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