faith is first | the idea that we GET to live this life is a fundamental knowing | the small seemingly insignificant things in life matter | passion & desire fuel us | living in a state of gratitude is everything | pausing to take deep breaths is necessary | dedication & discipline creates the life you want to live | self-care is not selfish | love is love | everything is in purpose, on purpose and for purpose | what we believe, we achieve | what we say matters | progress not perfection, and it’s all progress | to give more than you receive is required | those things that keep us grounded are imperative | memories are moments of a live well lived | dance like no-one is watching | mindset is everything | allow your sense of wonder to keep you full | intention is power | truth is required | soul is authenticity | sultry is a vibe | aura is atmosphere

these are a few of the beliefs that represent the core of who we are.

we created soultry aura™ with the intention that the ambiance that you create in your most sacred space, through home fragrance, will support whatever it is in your life that you need at any given moment. whether it’s finding calm in the chaos, or the fire to live out your wildest dreams. soultry aura™ was born of the idea that the atmosphere, the aura of your space is created through the spirit and essence of those beautiful things that surround you in your space.

SOUL can be defined as the spirit or the essence of a person.

SULTRY is a vibe of a passionate nature.

AURA can be described as the distinctive atmosphere or quality that surrounds a person, thing or place.

soultry aura™ - scents to meet each moment.

Founded in 2020.