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Rekindling Intentions in August

Rekindling Intentions in August - Loft81 Home
Dedication candle by Loft81 Home
As we find ourselves a little more than midway through the year, August serves as a gentle reminder to revisit the intentions we set at the beginning of the year. It's an opportune moment to reflect on our progress, realign our focus, and rekindle the passion that ignited those initial aspirations. Whether you're striving for personal growth, improved relationships, or professional success, harnessing the power of intention can be a transformative practice. 


Intentions are like guiding stars that lead us toward our desired destinations. They serve as a roadmap, providing direction and purpose to our actions. Being intentional allows us to create a clear vision of what we want to achieve, which in turn enhances our motivation, focus, and resilience. Revisiting our intentions gives us an opportunity to celebrate our achievements, acknowledge our challenges, and make necessary adjustments for the remainder of the year.


Candles have been used for centuries. They hold symbolic significance and can serve as potent tools to amplify our intentions. Lighting a candle with a specific purpose in mind creates a sacred space and a tangible representation of the energy we wish to manifest.

Here's a simple ritual using candles for intention-setting:

1. **Choose the Right Candle:** Select a candle that resonates with the intention you want to set. For instance, if you'd like to focus on becoming more disciplined, our Discipline candle is the perfect companion for your intention setting practice.

2. **Prepare your Space:** Find a quiet, comfortable space where you won't be disturbed. Clear the area of clutter and negativity.

3. **Set Your Intention:** Take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Focus on your intention and visualize it as already achieved. Speak your intention aloud or silently in your mind, infusing it with positivity and conviction.

4. **Light the Candle:** As you light the candle, imagine the flame carrying your intention out into the universe.

5. **Reflect:** Sit in stillness for a few minutes, meditating on your intention and allowing yourself to feel the emotions associated with its accomplishment.

6. **Express Gratitude:** Express gratitude for the universe's support in manifesting your intention.

7. **Extinguish the Candle:** Gently blow out the candle, symbolizing that your intention has been released to the universe.


While setting grand intentions is essential, being intentional in our daily lives is equally transformative. Here are some practical ideas to infuse intentionality into your daily routine:

1. **Morning Ritual:** Begin your day by setting a positive intention. Take a moment to think about what you want to achieve or embody throughout the day.

2. **Mindful Moments:** Practice mindfulness throughout the day. Engage fully in each task or conversation, savoring the present moment.

3. **Digital Detox:** Be intentional about your screen time. Set boundaries for social media and prioritize real-life connections.

4. **Gratitude Journal:** At the end of the day, write down three things you're grateful for. This practice cultivates a positive mindset.

5. **Acts of Kindness:** Be intentional about spreading kindness. Offer compliments, lend a helping hand, or perform random acts of kindness.

6. **Self-Care Time:** Prioritize self-care to nurture your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

As August rolls in, it's time to reignite the passion behind our intentions and set a clear course for the remainder of the year. Utilizing the power of candles can enhance the intention-setting process, providing a tangible and sacred connection to our aspirations. Moreover, embracing daily intentionality keeps us focused, mindful, and aligned with our true purpose. So, let's embrace this month with renewed energy, empowering ourselves to manifest the life we envision. Happy intention-setting!
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