The Heartache of Alzheimer's: A Family's Struggle


The Heartache of Alzheimer's: A Family's Struggle

Alzheimer's disease is more than just a medical condition; it's a heart-wrenching journey that affects not only the individual battling the disease but their entire family. At Loft81 Home, we're committed to bringing awareness to Alzheimer's and its impact on families. Here we'll delve into the emotional and practical aspects of how Alzheimer's touches lives and how you can support the cause.

Understanding Alzheimer's: A Silent Thief

Alzheimer's is a progressive brain disorder that gradually deteriorates memory, cognitive function, and eventually the ability to perform daily tasks. As families watch their loved ones grapple with memory loss, personality changes, and confusion, the emotional toll is immeasurable.

Families become the primary caregivers, often facing the challenge of balancing caregiving responsibilities with their own lives. The emotional strain, financial burdens, and the need for support are issues families encounter daily.

Supporting Alzheimer's Awareness: Loft81 Home's Commitment

At Loft81 Home, we're on a mission to make a difference. Our Tough Love Scented Intention Candle, housed in a limited edition purple vessel, serves as a symbol of hope and support for Alzheimer's awareness. A portion of the proceeds from each Tough Love candle sold goes toward Alzheimer's Research, helping us work towards our goal.


How You Can Help: Donate and Purchase with Purpose

You too can join us in our commitment to Alzheimer's awareness. By purchasing our special edition Tough Love candle, you're not only adding a beautiful fragrance to your space but also contributing to a noble cause. Donations to Alzheimer's organizations can also make a significant impact.


Alzheimer's is a formidable adversary, but with the power of collective support, we can make strides in raising awareness and funding research. Join us in the fight against Alzheimer's and help families find solace on this challenging journey.

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